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With these 4 inch USA OG Chillums, you’ll never run the risk of being left high and dry without a means to get lifted. We’ve all been there; desperately whittling away at an apple or trying to fashion an aluminum can into a smoking aid. With these highly affordable, convenient heat-resistant glass chillum pipes, you don’t have to subject yourself to that last minute urgency. Each of these 4 inch made-in-the-U.S.A. chillums features a simple, inconspicuous transparent glass design baring the OG insignia. This 100 count order also includes a slick acrylic display case with the OG logo and a hinged lid for easy refills. The clear display is perfect for impulse buys and looks stylish perched atop the dispensary counter. An OG Chillum is commonly known as an OG pipe that is an easy go-to smoking device that always rips well and is a pocket reach away. OG Chillums are portable, reliable, reusable and efficient devices that casually keep sharing in mind.